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Korean Product Review | Neogen Naturals Green Tea Cleanser

The details:
I bought this foam cleanser on a whim after seeing the words – ‘green tea’ and ‘soothing’ on the label. I love the simple, fresh fragrance of green tea products so am usually drawn to this ingredient in all things beauty-related!

There are actually five different versions of this cleanser that target different skin issues. Each has a different key ingredient: blueberry for moisturizing, orange for clarifying, cranberry for revitalizing, cereal for brightening, and green tea for soothing.
The cool gimmick with these cleansers is that you are able to see the key ingredient encased in the bottom of the bottle. There are small holes in the compartment so that the product can be continually revived with the properties of green tea leaves/ blueberries/ cranberries/ etc!

Annoyingly, I couldn’t seem to find a full English ingredients list anywhere on the internet but I did read that it contains 99% natural ingredients, including fruit and vegetable juices. It also prides itself on being free from: ethanol, talc, sulfates, mineral oil, toxic oil, petrolatum, animal ingredients, triclosan, synthetic BHAs, BHTs, artificial colouring, ultraviolet light absorbers, dimethicone, and tar colouring.

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How I use it:
I use it in the morning to freshen up my skin and at night as a second cleanse after I’ve taken off all my makeup with coconut oil. One pump is all you need!

What I like:
Well, let me preface this section by saying it is one of the best cleansers I have EVER used, let alone THE BEST foaming cleanser. I thought that title belonged to the Sum:37 Rose Cleansing Stick but this one beats it on price and longevity.
The product is almost a foam/oil hybrid if such a thing can exist! My skin feels so moisturized after I’ve used it, not tight and dry as with your average foaming cleanser. I have super sensitive skin that turns red and angry (almost sunburnt-looking) if the wrong product touches my skin.  This cleanser leaves my skin feeling calm, soft, and very clean.

What I don’t like:
The ONLY bad thing about this cleanser is that it stings my eyes! I had the same problem with the Sum:37 Rose Cleansing Stick and after doing some research I found out this is caused by sensitivity to essential oils. It doesn’t annoy me too much though as I would never use this cleanser to remove eye makeup.

How much and where from:
I bought mine at Olive Young (a Korean drugstore) on sale for about $10 (RRP $20). If you’re outside of Korea you can buy it here.


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